Ubuntu on OCI Registries

The Open Container Initiative (OCI) establishes standards for constructing container images that can be reliably installed across a variety of compliant host environments.

Ubuntu’s LTS Docker Image Portfolio provides OCI-compliant images that receive stable security updates and predictable software updates, thus ensuring consistency in both maintenance schedule and operational interfaces for the underlying software your software builds on.

Ubuntu OCI tarball is a minimal rootfs tarball ready for use to build OCI/Docker container base images. It is similar to Ubuntu Base but already contains the modifications needed to make the rootfs suitable for building OCI/Docker container images. It is available for the amd64, armhf, arm64, powerpc and ppc64el architectures. The rootfs tarballs are published under OCI partner images.

Canonical publishes official Docker images to Docker Hub based on OCI images that are built from the Ubuntu OCI rootfs tarballs. Images are also published to AWS ECR (Elastic Container Registry) gallery (in ubuntu and lts namespaces), ACR (Azure Container Registry), OCIR (Oracle Container Infrastructure Registry), and there are plans to publish to more registries in the future.

Building Ubuntu Pro OCI images

Similar to the Ubuntu Pro images in public clouds, one can build an Ubuntu Pro OCI image to leverage services like ESM (Extended Security Maintenance) and FIPS.

The easiest way to build an Ubuntu Pro container image is to make use of existing container management tools (like Docker) and enable the Pro services on top of an existing Ubuntu container image (e.g. ubuntu:focal).


It is highly recommended that Ubuntu Pro container images should be built on hosts that are already covered by an Ubuntu Pro subscription.

This process is described in detail in the pro client documentation. The resulting Ubuntu Pro container image can then be loaded into your local Docker daemon (by using --load when running docker build) and can be deployed/published normally as any other container image.

How-to guides

Instructions for deploying Ubuntu Pro containers on Kubernetes and for creating a ‘chiselled’ Ubuntu base image are linked below:

Project and community

Ubuntu on OCI registries is a member of the Ubuntu family and the project warmly welcomes community projects, contributions, suggestions, fixes and constructive feedback.